National defense is a major cornerstone of national existence: without national defense, there can be no freedom, prosperity or progress. If Americans want security in today's dangerous world, they must begin by asking a few key questions:

  • Who are America's enemies?
  • What weapons do these enemies possess?
  • What strategies do these enemies employ?
  • If you are like most Americans, you prefer to believe that America has no enemies. We eschew war and conquest, prefering the path of peaceful innovation and wealth production that, generally speaking, built our country. The United States is a commercial nation where everyone works together, according to the market. Why should there be wars at all? Why should anyone start a war?

    We need to begin by acknowledging that plenty of authoritative figures in the world do not view wealth and politics from the perspective of commerce. Warlike powers exist that seek to possess the world's most destructive weapons. We fool ourselves when we pretend that these powers and figures wish America well. Rather, hatred of America is second nature to many, both within and outside our country.

    Despite repeated reminders, including from our own government, Americans remain unprepared for social/civil unrest or worse. When United States officials advised Americans to stock food and water, or take simple precautions against chemical or biological attacks, the media reaction was straightforward mockery. In short, preparedness is not cultivated by average Americans. It is in the nature of commercial society to "eat, drink and be merry" until awakened by a "date which will live in infamy."